My Turn

December 2, 2010
By ViCtOrIa_3 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
ViCtOrIa_3 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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You’re the first to love and the first to judge
A virgin of knowledge
Unworthy of giving advice for something you know nothing about
You claim you mean well but how is that so when your intentions are destruction?
Destruction of love and friendship
Something you have never experienced
Something you never will experience
As long as you keep your wall up
Your wall built with anger and bitterness
Sorrow and sourness
Unattractive qualities that make you an unattractive girl
You cannot sit here and tell me
Who to love
And who to trust
When you, yourself are incapable of loving
And expected of lying
He is twice the person you will ever be
Capable of loving three times the amount you ever could
And four thousand times more important to me than you will ever be
If you could only learn to listen
And lower the finger you are constantly pointing
Maybe then you could see that love CAN exist and it lives through trust.

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