What Do I Love

December 2, 2010
By Anonymous

I love my family,
The few friends who are always there,
Sunsets on the beach,
The music that speaks to my soul,
That one boy who I may not know yet,
the one that is going to be my life.
But once removed,
I love the stepdad that is often a jerk,
Or maybe the stupid twelve year old girl I once was,
How about the grandpa I thought I had,
the one that hurt the person I call Dad,
Or most of all my best friend gone bad,
But with an embarrassing relish,
I love hugs from parents, the kind that prove they love me,
Silly bandz, chocolate bunnies, abstract art,
Disney movies and their power to cast aside growing up,
Some things I need, they keep me,
Water: oceans, lakes, and rivers,
Beautiful stories written by people I have never met,
Incomparable music, composed by those I know well,
Originality found when I embrace myself,
Love discovered in places amazingly unexpected,
Secret, feeling untold, hidden in deep kaleidoscope eyes,
Enigmas left for the world never to figure out.

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