Just another star

November 22, 2010
By Anonymous

I saw one small star in the sky tonight and oh behold I thought of you,
The way your always on my mind-for this love must be true.
Just a simple little star-not impressive much,
But still this little star with great passion my heart so longed to touch.

That’s much to dangerous you see,
Dangerous to you of course-but way to dangerous to me.
For that star would burn my hand-it’s just a ball of fire,
There goes my silly heart again with it’s awfully peculiar desires.

Quite down you silly heart let’s go back inside,
Forget about this foolishness, think nothing of this ride.
But even as I turned to go I sensed a bruise or scar,
And suddenly it hurt to know it’s just another star.

The author's comments:
I actually saw a single star in the sky the night my girlfriend broke up with me. I was in the process of moving on and this seemed appropriate

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