The Tears I Cry

November 22, 2010
By Passionate_Poet BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
Passionate_Poet BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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My heart keeps bleeding and I know why because I think of you every time I cry……….As I try to control these tears I cry…….I can’t help but think of you more and more. These tears I cry are no tears of joy; but of pain, sadness and sorrow. As I think about the good times we once shared my mind starts to wonder off…to the bad, my heart starts to beat faster than it’s pace……my mind goes blank…….And then a black hole left in the place of my heart……As these days pass my heart begins to get blacker and blacker and smaller and smaller and the pace….! Faster and faster…I tried to patch the wounds you left in my heart… seems as though their ever going to heal and as if your never going to stop hurting me over and over again. Your once powerful voice still wonders through my mind….The more I try to forget the way you used to hold me and smile at me I be gin to cry once again at just the thought of you But only this time my tears are silent an no one can hear …. I remember falling asleep in your arms I once felt safe and warm…I miss those days of break up, make up. It seem as though the wounds are never going to heal, because I can’t help but think of you. It’s getting harder as these days pass I wish I could forget you but it’s impossible to forget someone you LOVE

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because i cry some many tears of pain...and i always keep them bottled up here are a few...!!!!

I want poeple to know that no matter what you go through you are not alone..!!!

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