i was a silent film star

November 22, 2010
By NoAlarmsNoSurprises0 BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
NoAlarmsNoSurprises0 BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
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i was camouflaged in the rain
pale-grey face
with harlequin tears
running down the sides

my obsession is getting as old as your love notes
the edges frayed and worn
as time drags on with no one to hold
in this bed
buried miles away under
sheets and a comforter (that doesn't comfort)
and melancholy
desolate is my mind as i crave you
only you

how you captured me and gave me my heart
then hurting
then shivering
in the cold as you ripped
it out of my skin again
and swallowed every morsel

how you broke down my world
like i broke my mirror
when i saw my reflection
is it possible
that i'll be forever breathing alone?

you can break me all you want
but pain inspires me
i'll sing onstage
but no one will hear a word
because i'm too vulgar
to be heard

rain hiding me in the midnight sad
i curse as i fall searching for your hand
i'm consumed by obsession so very bad
i love you so much; i'm going mad

The author's comments:
a really bad relationship caused me to write this. i'm glad i got out of it.

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