A Dark Remembrance

November 22, 2010
By SeddTheMan BRONZE, Marion, Ohio
SeddTheMan BRONZE, Marion, Ohio
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An end despaired
No way to repair
It is lost and never coming back
What life is now to lack

Bodies fall and gravestones rise
My friends’ fair-well demise
Bullets crush into torsos and limbs
The number of brigades is trim

This hell brought to me and my men is more than grim
Rain pours from the sky as its dims
Sky’s tears pelt my helmet as my own on my face
In my head, memories of the tragic day race

I can’t help but this I could make change
But their fate and hand were out my range
I jab my gun into the ground and kneel
I promise the heroes that the enemies’ flesh will peel

Bullets will rain from the sky like on this night
I will make it right and at the end shines light
I stand before and lay five crosses
My men, my closest friends, my losses

Years follow and the enemy’s blood is stained to my skin
But I can never grin for my men will never be win

The author's comments:
thoughts and memories of war inspired me.

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