Joshua Who

November 22, 2010
Joshua who has
Dark hair
Dark eyes
Who is TALL and
Who has large feet
And trips over them a lot
Who’s been around the block a few times
And is older and wiser than me
Who doesn’t mind listening to me
And just stands their quietly until I’m done
And lets me cry on his shoulder
And give him big warm hugs
Who understands when I’m angry
And doesn’t take it personally

Joshua who
Is sometimes grumpy
And doesn’t want to go to work
Who wants to just run away sometimes
But does what he’s told
And doesn’t fuss too much
Who is too nice sometimes
Who doesn’t ever say no

Joshua who loves to eat
And eats more than anyone else
I know
Who is also a vegan
Who’s favorite are
Molasses cookies
Who almost always makes a mess
Whose room is always messier than mine

Joshua who loves to be outside
Who doesn’t mind the rain
Who loves to explore
Who never wants being the one left out
Who sees out with his best friend Graham
Every day

Joshua who is my best friend
Who is not a boy
Who is not a human
Or a toy
Who is not a cat
Or a dog
Or a toad
Or a frog
Joshua who is a horse
Joshua who is

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