December 2, 2010
By Gina.L BRONZE, Clarkston, Georgia
Gina.L BRONZE, Clarkston, Georgia
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You tell many about me, but you also regret me. The beautiful nice comments I get from everybody, but from you im the worst, ugliest thing you have meant. Going places with you, bumping into you friends you brag about me and agree with the nice comments I receive, but when doors are close you began throwing those hatrive words at me. My mind is unable to control, my hands rolling up. Then the motion of my body suddenly moves back and run to my corner of tears. Your echo of your voice coming through the walls and clearly going through my ears and travel to my eyes and began to push out the tears with the words you said inside it. My respect for you was 100% but slowly through days it begins to decrease. But at the end I only come to and knell for many more forgiveness. My heart beating out from all the stress and emotion that you cause. But all I could do is fight to move on and care that heavy load with me. My choice is to continue this race I started.

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