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November 30, 2010
By ivy11 BRONZE, Tucker, Georgia
ivy11 BRONZE, Tucker, Georgia
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Imagine Skies of purple and pink.
No worries of death.
A world full of fun.
No more work.
Just a place to dance and sing around.
We are in neither Hell or Heaven.
We are in the in between.
Between Heaven and Earth.
A town with fun shape triangle and circle buildings.
But then I woke up .
Reality start to sink in.
Homework, Bills, Love problems are just the least of them.
Imagine a world with no war or guns.
Just peace and harmony.
Kind of impossible to think of right?

The author's comments:
This Summer I had a dream , that was influenced by a movie I saw called the Lovely Bones. In the movie the girl is kidnapped, rapped, and killed by the next door neighbor. She then is wakes up to being in the "in between", she is in between heaven and the earth. She often dances around with a friend she meant on pink clouds within the sky. In my dream I am with my friends I meant from Greece at a summer camp two years ago, that i always was supposed to call and get in touch with them but never did. In my dream we were in an silver elevator and for the buttons instead of numbers there was Country names, and we picked the country of Greece, the skies were a vibrate pick, the moon was big and taking over the whole sky it was a very bright pink and purple. We danced and song held hands and ran around the town, with its funny shaped building, triangle and circle shapes. Then I woke up and the dream was over.

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