fear leads to love

November 29, 2010
By arharrison GOLD, Girardville, Pennsylvania
arharrison GOLD, Girardville, Pennsylvania
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"Friendship is love with out his wings!" "never leave the one you love,for the one you like."

Here I stand at this high amazing places,looking down I see what I want to get aways from.All the yelling,pain,and tears put me here.
Wondering what is right,to move back and just look at the sky.Going back to all that put me here.

My mind tells me to close my eyes,breath deep in and out,start walking straight,my heart pounds faster as I think,witch is best for all the rest how can work who can change past.

walking close to that edge another pain flying in to my chest,hitting me like a brick.lung so tight with water what should be tears. nothings moving,love,anger and pain is holding every small detail in so deep.

To paths stand in front of me,whats next for my life,the past is holding me back.My mind is open to both as the choice only get harder. My box in my heart tell me so back down from this all,as a tear starts to fall,a blue Bird simply sits on the ground looking up at me.

maybe god letting me know its okay to come,wind blows moving forewords. Filled with air my lungs starts to move care free,moving closer,I'm knocked down,rolling down the hill I fall at the bottom,I see blue sitting on the shoulder of a person.

There face being hidden I can't image who it could be,Rain falling on us like there's no tomorrow,our moving closer as my body its frozen in time,I feel nothing but joy and love over coming my body.
putting it all together its as if you and the bird came to save me me from my self.

Getting pulling close,the rain gets harder as I start to cry.seeing your hands out,touching mine so soft my body starts to melt,calling out your names the air fills with nothing but a hard passion for love.

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