Stay With Me

November 22, 2010
I talk to you
as though you’re sitting beside me
Your guidance is what I need
You listen intently
to all of my issues
You can’t yell at me,
yet no advice is offered
Often, I dream of you
And when I think about it,
I remember your touch
Even though you’re gone,
I still feel you holding my hand
protecting me
like a mother should
Looking down on me
watching me grow
You’re presence lives on,
until you know I’ll be alright
But I’m here to say,
that won’t happen anytime soon
a dad is not enough
A girl needs her mom
It’s tough,
but you’ve taught me to be strong
I’m just like you
blissful, laughing
Don’t leave me
I still need you
Truth is,
I’ll always need you
But later in life,
I’ll be joining you
in the warmth of God’s grace
But until then
Stay with me

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