It Wont Change

November 22, 2010
By greenthoughts BRONZE, Marion, Ohio
greenthoughts BRONZE, Marion, Ohio
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When you say good-bye promise
that nothing will change
that nothing will turn sour
there is not a thing i ever want to change
you said hello and it flipped me upside down
it gave a highlight to my first day
you gave me that smile; its too contagious not to share
i looked in your eyes, maybe for a second too long
cuz right then and there, i gave my heart away
i trust you with it, so keep mine and i will have yours
we are nothing like a love story
we play, we fight, we snuggle and we pick
we build up and break down
its a never ending cycle of happiness
with a hug i am lost in your embrace
with a kiss i am lost in eternity
i will miss you when you go
but things wont fall apart, memories will be our glue
our love will keep us close, though we are miles apart
little reminders will keeps us to the end
no matter when we say good-bye, promise
never will it be forever and nothing will change

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