Thinking Of You...

November 22, 2010
I sit here,
Thinking of you,
I sit her,
Thinking of you,
When I think of you,
I think of how perfect you were,
How you brought out the best in everyone,
And how you made the best out of everything,
I think of you,
And how I lost you,
And I think of wanting to see you,
Just for an hour,
All the things I would say,
If i could turn back time,
And make one difference,
Make one thing happen later,
You would still be here,
I know you are better now,
But I want you here,
We all do,
You were always there for me,
And everyone,
And I want to know,
If he feels bad for what he did to you,
I know you wouldn't want any hurt,
But he hurt you so badly,
You suffered,
And there was nothing we could do,
Thinking of you,
Is like thinking of something incredibly important to you,
But you don't have it anymore,
Thinking of you,
Brings emotions,
I can't describe,
Thinking of you,
Is making me miss you even more,
Thinking of you,
Wants to see you one last time,
And tell you how much you are missed,
How much we love you,
And I am sure,
You would tell me,
To tell your family,
I love you & miss you,
Thinking of you,
Is a love song,
It always ends up sad,
But you’re not sad,
You are happier,
We only dream of you,
As you kiss us in our dreams,
And tell us stuff,
We will never remember how we this wise inspiration,
Thinking of you,
Is missing you.

I love you Logan.

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