Funeral for a Dream

November 21, 2010
You’ll never remember what happened last night
But we ran way together and started a new life
We were happy
And alone
But when I awoke I realized it was never real
I’m the only one who will ever remember what we had
You were nothing but a figment of my imagination
And yet I will see you every day
You won’t give me a second glance, of course,
Because you’re not the same person, are you?

It could never happen that way
You would hurt me, I know it.
You would tear my heart out and ruin my life.
I see your smiles, the lines you drop
I know you’ve been hurt before
I wish I could be the one to be there for you
To hold you close and protect you
But, I’m sorry, I can’t
I could never be half the man you deserve

Tonight I held a funeral for a dream
I said goodbye to you for the first time
And the ashes scattered to the wind
Days will come and go
We’ll exchange glances and smiles
But I hope you know I wrote this for you
And I’m sorry I can’t be there for you
At least not here, not now
But I saw what we could have had
And it was beautiful

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