A Bloody Scar

November 30, 2010
By Anonymous

I burry myself in lust

'cuz without you I'm lost

I shield my eyes from love

'cuz to much emotions burns eyes of a girl whose never been loved

And leaves her blind for another to hurt her the more

The more she loves the more she scars

Like an innocent child falling on a hot granite floor

called love,and she's left with a bloody scar torn by her own lover.

The color of her heart red

The color of her soul white

Her soul as innocent and pure as the white clouds above her

Watching her every move

Lightning strikes knowing someone caused her pain

The sun shines but only for a while turning into the darkness of the moon

As her love turns to hate

The clouds rain like her eyes do

The rain turns into snow when she doesn't have no more tears to give to her clouds

Her lover changes like the change of the seasons

bringing new storms in the end

for her heart has no more reason

To love

Heart of a soldier her color still red

She scars,and scars leaving open wounds

'Till her heart is dead

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