Cold War

November 18, 2010
By Anonymous

simple little things
a cup of tea after dinner
and my socks with out the hole
stealing big shirts from my daddy's drawer
to wear to bed
or having something to look forwards to
like finding your book ended up in my bag
(it wasn't on purpose I swear)
and now I get to give it back
something to look forwards to
I look forwards to your calls
with a warm cup of tea in my hands
and my socks without the holes on my feet
I can appreciate the small things
thank god
even the small things
have suffered
since you started your silent reign of terror
your coldest of wars
so cold
you leave me freezing and naked
clutching at the metal heater in my room
but the burn doesn't go down far enough
nothing warms me all the way down any more
so here I stand
you left me cold and empty
taking all my tea
and socks
and now I have nothing to look forwards to
at all

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