The way I Feel

November 18, 2010
Feeling lost in the bitterness of my world, i try to seek comfort. The breath of life rubbing against me feels so cold. Reaching out i bring back pain. Looking back doesn't change things and looking forward is almost impossible. I have these eyes but with them i see nothing. All they can determin are the figures of the last bits of hope wich i had. Trying to move my legs are ever so stiff. If i can move its always in the wrong direction. Still alive but to everyone dead. Words of envy pour from my mouth. A wall of anger my heart has built. So tired and weak. Exhausted with ambition I turn in different directions. Death doesn't want me and neither does glory. Its up to me to decide what comes next. Through my heart a spear strikes. Tears like waterfalls run down my cheaks. One last request, one last wish. To die fast and to never be remembered.

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