Malice in Horrorland

November 18, 2010
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Guilty pleasures of mankind
Leave new places undefined
Like the clockwork of time
and the preilous expressions of a mime
Down the rabbit hole she goes
Were shes going no one knows
Like a morbid Alice in Wonderland
Came a girls as mad as hatter
Carring a cat in a sour state of matter
With the nimbleness of the white queen
A black heart like the red queen
Came a girl like any other
With a mother and a brother

"Curiosity killed the cat
but satisfaction brought it back"
Doesnt describe the curious workings of the inner mind
But by the gods above can one girls dreams be unwined
Like a morbid Alice in Wonderland
Filled with monstrosities of another land
Came a girl as mad as a hatter
Carring a cat with uncontrolable chatter
Filled with horror and sorrow
Praying "Let there be Tomorrow"
Came a girl like any other
with a brother and a mother

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