November 18, 2010
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Running, running, running, but I'm not getting very far, the darkness is chasing me, trying to take me away, It started with a dream, now I'm not the same. I let the dream take over now it's become a nightmare, can't get away, I'm stuck here, theres no one who cares, it's just me, I'm alone, shaking and scared. I'm thrown threw the darkness, I hit with a smack. I howl in pain, theres no going back. I can't leave the darkness, it's apart of me now, it's been with me to long, but I can't make a sound, I fear the thoughts of others, there thoughts way to loud, there not here to help me, just to hurt, and through all I keep on moving, I try to stay calm, but soon I won't be here. I'll be long gone.

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