Nasal Cavities

December 10, 2010
By CapnCatiee GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
CapnCatiee GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
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Do you ever get that feeling
In the upper parts of your nasal cavities
right by the little part in your eye
where the tears drain out,
making your nose run
in a sickening, heart wrenching snuff?
The one That burns and stings
as you try to hold back tears
so you don't release audible sobs
throughout the night,
waking up your parents
and keeping them worried?
That horrible feeling that makes you clench yours fists and inhale until the tears drip out silently off the waterline of your eyes?
The one that makes you cry twice as much.
It happens when you cry
about things
you don't want to cry about.
Things you want to forget.
things you want to fade away.
You gain your composure,
but the stinging happens again, right back in your nasal cavities

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