A Mother's Rage

November 29, 2010
By Anonymous

You're like the pencil
that made me come to life
and thanks to you
I'm able to see the sun rise

hardworking and strong
and can see through anything
what a flame
but like the flames desire
your anger sets everything on fire

just like a firework
on the hottest july
you have enough rage
to blow up the sky

but only "my world" sees
everyone else is immune
to this "disease"

she comes home
and brings in the coldest winter breeze
cold enough to make Hell freeze
she yells, and like Winter
she kills the beautiful trees

or like the sun
her rays are dangerous and scorchin
they singed me out the family portrait

i guess like the fallen leaves
i was the only one raked
and just like her pencil made me
she flipped to erase

i guess she made a mistake

The author's comments:
I wrote this the day before Thanksgiving. It doesn't say anything, because she's a good mother, but her anger harms everything in her path. Even me! Enough to make me feel like I was a mistake.

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