Why Fight With Fist!

November 29, 2010
By Lakindra Watkins BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
Lakindra Watkins BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
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As you think your actions overpower words,
By putting teachings and cautions aside
To claim the dictatorship upon the temple you desire
But as you will come to find, indigenous actions
Will climax to your horrendous consequence
Feeling it’s worth the risks
Challenging one as you ball your hand
Your anger clots within your veins
Ready to demolish in this war.
Sounds crazy,
But words can beyond
Not the negative words that pierce the skin like a needle.
My words will fight you any day
Like Muhammad Ali, I wont let my temple be
Or harmed
I was taught not to harm
Or lay hands upon someone.
I was taught to use my words,
And walk away from the situation
With my head held high.
I might be called a wimp or a punk,
But that’s ok, because I know what I’m capable of.
I will never let my fist do the talking.
I’m going to use my words like Obama,
Because they will take me somewhere in life.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece, because I got tired of people fighting.

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