Her and the Coffee Shop

November 29, 2010
By amg73093 GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
amg73093 GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
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"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today."

She entered the coffee shop proudly... looking as if She was anticipating something
the way She walked like she had already walked the steps in a thought
confidently insecure She ordered her beverage, politely smiling
something kind about her eye, corrupted innocence
She knew more about the evils of the world than She should,
though She still viewed everything as if She were a child
quietly she went to take her place at one of the empty tables, contemplating which too choose
first She started for the two-seater table in front of the window, in the bright
something stopped her, almost as if she just remembered something
or and idea clicked in her head
changing her direction towards the two-seater hidden from the window and light
her drink full to the brim mimicking that of her eyes full of hope
in silence She sipped and played with the straw of her drink
lifting whip cream from the sanctuary of the cup to her lips as if the straw were a spoon
occasionally checking her phone
her eyes jumping up and back straitening every time the door swung open
She watched and observed the four children who claimed their spot,
and sprawled out on the cushioned chairs
the mother ignoring their bird-like bickering
“I want that cookie mommy”
She smiled, with a hint of understanding in her iris
She had checked her phone at least twenty times in only a matter of minutes
to her and her restless knee bouncing it must have seemed like hours
three-quarters of her drink gone, the rest half melted
She stood up, very quietly like She wanted to be unnoticed, and discarded the used plastic cup
checking her phone one last time, a look of hope and a crushed heart blended together
her steps regretting the already previous trip, dragging from the memory
quietly She had one last look at the spot where She had been sitting,
thinking, dreaming, wishing
but alas, She was gone, the clock had ticked away her teenage fantasy
Hers and the coffee shop’s

The author's comments:
Inspiration goes all ways, and sometimes inspiration is that of lonely emotions

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