They let you fall, I watched you get up

November 29, 2010
By , Cincinnati, OH
You are an open book
Waiting to be read
Using complex language
Trying to be alone
Yet a strong desire
A want to be discovered
To let someone know your pain
How your heart aches
Your stomach flutters
Your brain says no
But your lips move to from the word,
Your friends let you fall
When they should have held you up
You were scared
You are scared
You won't accept the help you want
The help you deserve
You want to feel beautiful again
Want to feel the love you once had
You want your lips to say no
Your brain to say no
You want what you once had
Each day
I watch you
Watch you fall deeper
Deeper into the heartache
I watch you get up
Rebuild who you are
Become the beautiful person I know you to be.

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