The End

November 29, 2010
If only you could see what I see
Then maybe you’d understand me.
You don’t live my life
You’re not dealing with my strife
Stop trying to relate
Because I’m closing the gate
To my heart,
And this time there’s no restart.

Your eyes used to understand
Courage came when I held your hand
But now I sit there and cry
And you don’t even ask me why.
Your arm used to warm my shoulder
Now it can’t get any colder
I once could feel your love
Something from above
It’s no longer shared
And I haven’t cared
For a while
And I can’t even fake a smile.

Your comfort has not shown
So I feel alone
When I’m with you,
Because you don’t get what I do
Stop trying to pretend,
This has got to end
It’s more than I can take
Its time to take a break

I can hardly breathe
And I’m starting to seethe
Not going to hesitate
There’s no clean slate
Thanks for the memories
But keep them to yourself please
It’s my moment to leave
Because this isn’t a goal you can achieve

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