December Boxes

November 29, 2010
By MaryTherese BRONZE, Bloomingdale, Illinois
MaryTherese BRONZE, Bloomingdale, Illinois
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I miss the boxes we used to play in.
The worlds we would create.
I miss the parks we used to lay in.
Our stories were so great.
I miss the days we used to live in.
The friendships lost to fate.

I miss when our toy box was a spaceship.
I miss when the covers where a safe haven.
I miss when stories of Atlantis where real.
I miss the peace we had.
I miss the security we had.
I miss the love we had.

Am I the only one?
Do you miss the boxes too?
Do you remember the boxes?
Do you remember the games?
The joys?
The toys?
The boys?
Don’t you remember them?
Why can’t you remember it all?

Why can’t boxes still be spaceships?
Why are boxes caskets?
Why can’t the covers still save us?
Why are the monsters not going away?
Why can’t the made-up worlds be real?
Why do you call us crazy?
Why can’t we still have peace?
Why do we always fight?
Why can’t we be secure?
Why do the heads of state attack us?
Why can’t we still have love?
Why is the world full of hate?

What happened to us?
Where did our youthfulness go?
Don’t you remember childhood?
Don’t you remember how imaginations solved all?
Where did the imagination go?
Who turned off all the lights?
Where did we go?
When will we put up a fight?
When will we remember?

I miss the boxes of December.
I miss the bright souls of the people.
I miss the way everyone smiled.
I miss the gathering at the steeple.
I miss the love.
I miss the joy.

I do not ask for a new toy.
I only ask for one thing this year.
I ask, I pray, I wish, I hope.
Oh please Lord bring back the smiles.
Bring back the love.
Bring back the joy.
Bring back the fun.

Santa, if you can hear me, please answer my request.
Please bring back the boxes.
Everyone liked those best.

The author's comments:
just go back to beign kids again

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