It Will Be The Last Great...

November 29, 2010
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The silence between us are the darkest crimes, so much to say but no words found, words left unspoken and no one left to call our own.
You’re wordless just to save face and just to leave me with nights that are painted black and blue.
It Will Be The Last Great Time you leave me all alone.
Hanging to my lover’s breath always comes second best.
Let’s see how far I can dream tonight without you right here by my side, cause my heart is at rest when you’re right here.
There is not a thing wrong in my life when you come around.
Where are you now? And where have you been? I’m sitting here waiting patiently for your return.
These bonds are shackle free, so need to scream. You could say that I was your shackle though, never quite able to let you go but all that’s changing now. You’re leaving me no choice.
You always leave me falling to the floor but you have falling softer that the time before, always showing up just in time to catch me.
It Will Be The Last Great Time you catch me
And today is the last day I look your way. In the midst of all those faces in the crowd yours is the only one I’ll see .I will focus on nothing, but only your face. The beauty you withstand is heart breaking and, it kills me.
It Will Be The Last Great Sight I see.
I’m reaching for you, but somehow you miss me every time.
Weeks later now you feel like how I did. Ended up flipping the script so tell me how does it feel? I’m leaving so don’t try and say you’re sorry, cause we could have had it all. But still deep down inside I’m aching for you, but I would never tell you.
I’ m crushed by the way you cry, with every tear that runs down your face it burns me alive.
It Will Be The Last Great Time tears to roll down that cheek
I wish I could hold you in these weak arms and tell you its okay, but it doesn’t change a thing.
Were leaving.
It Will Be The Last Great Goodbye
You sicken me.
You’re so beautiful, love.
I’d wish you bury me now, love.
It Would Be The Last Great Dream Come True

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