Living Is The Hard Part

December 12, 2010
Don’t tell us we are dying
Don’t let the words sink in

For death is part of life
We are born into this dying world
We were safe once
With the blood of our mother in the womb
Her heart allowing ours to beat
We grow and grow
Our minds expand
With knowledge of life and death

Don’t tell us we are living
Don’t let the words sink in

For our moment of life is our moment of dying
We breathe our first breath
And we begin to age
Our mind’s grow then weakens
Our bodies grow strong and larger
And then wither into dust
Dying is a part of life
And living is a part of death
Without death there is no life
Death come swiftly
Living takes time

Don’t tell me I am Living
Don’t let in skin in

For I am alive
But dying
Tell me ‘live life like you are dying!’
And I just might
For we are all alive for we took in the air of death
And are cursed to die from it
So live like you are dying
Not only because you ARE
But because it will make living life
A much more exciting wait for death
Death is easy
Is the hard part

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drowning-in-sorrow said...
Dec. 17, 2010 at 7:05 pm
i like your poem and i totally agree that living isn't easy. life can be a b**** but hey thats life. *shrug*
Anti-Human replied...
Dec. 23, 2010 at 12:43 am
Thank you. Hey I was wonder... I am new to the site. How do you edit your poetry...? In a line -Don't let in skin in- I though I wrote "it" and I don't know how to fix it now. :(
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