I'm Sorry

November 18, 2010
By Cheyenne Renee BRONZE, Rheems, Pennsylvania
Cheyenne Renee BRONZE, Rheems, Pennsylvania
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What I said, It came from my heart.
I didn't do this alone.
My other friends took part,
In this hard choice.
But in the back of my head.
I could hear GOD's voice,
Telling me it was okay,
and that you would forgive me someday.
I did as he said.
But I hear myself screaming in my head,
how very sorry i am about this.
You not being mad at me, im going to miss.
Im pouring out my soul,
right now I dont feel whole.
Because I know I have hurt you.
Your worst nightmare has come true.
What I said it came from the heart,
I'm so sorry, I guess we are back to the start.

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