The Daughter I Was

November 18, 2010
By , Chandler, AZ
I use to scream until you held me
I used to follow you around.
I’d try to act just like you,
With every move and every sound.

I’d play dress-up in your closet.
I’d always try to talk
And when I was brave enough, I walked to you,
The day I learned to walk.

I had no chance of being a “Daddy’s-girl” because
You had me from “Hello.”
I wanted to be your mirror image
When it was time for me to grow.

Whenever we would leave the house,
I was super-glued to your side.
I never realized the invisible damage
Of a “wanna-be-Momma’s-girl” being denied.

I was just a little girl,
You were invincible in my eyes.
I was just a little girl,
I believed all your lies.

I grew up to be a beautiful person,
Or so my Daddy tells me.
Butt you’ll never know who I became,
Because of what you chose to be.

Don’t ask me to be the daughter I was,
Because you’ve decided to be the mother you weren’t.

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