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November 23, 2010
By macmac123 SILVER, Merryville, Louisiana
macmac123 SILVER, Merryville, Louisiana
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grrr, wow nice, smart cookie, stopit, ewoh poe, aww thats so cute, really now, yea, okay, whatever, i dont care, so

Why do tears take over you, why do I care, why do I love you, why am I in fear, why is it always you I choose, why cant I trust in myself, why am I always thinking of you, why are you in my dreams, how come you dont resque me,why is it hard to believe, why cant I sleep, why is it you I see,why is it hard to live, why is it happiness I feel, why is it love that I lost, why did I believe in you, why do I care so much, why do I swim in lust, why does it always have to be you, why is it hard to be true, why is it lies I believe, why is it me and you, why is it hard to move on, why isnt it true, why is it me who gets hurt, why is it me who loses, why is it you I always lose, why am I in love with you, why am I so scared, why am I in this lie, why do I live this way, why do I always get through, why is it you

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