Party At The Bowling Alley

November 18, 2010
By Package23 SILVER, Huntington, West Virginia
Package23 SILVER, Huntington, West Virginia
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I’m ready,
I’m pumped.
going out with the guys.
the floor stretching so wide,
it could go on forever.

Were all out there,
me and my nine boys,
doing the triangle.
I hear rolling,
then Boom!
All friends fall to the floor.
Only I was spared.

I’m lifted in the air,
unable to see.
Only hearing the harsh cries
as they drop into the dark hole
eating them like an entrée.

I’m pushed back to the ground.
I hear rolling again!
I can see a large ball,
its three empty eyes spinning.

Struck with fear, I try to run.
It feels like I don’t have feet.
Bam! It hits me right in the head,
And I’m swept in.

I wake up in a single file conveyer belt
The metallic chinks
of gears and cogs turning.
They are taking us somewhere,
but I don’t know where.

Five weeks.
No ones looking for me.
Lost all friends.
Used for their enjoyment.
Just a score.
I miss home.

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