Walking in my Garden

November 20, 2010
By HanyouInny SILVER, New City, New York
HanyouInny SILVER, New City, New York
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"A doodle a day keeps the creative mind in play" ~Me

In my garden, my lovely garden,
I’ve planted seeds of love and joy and loads of rainbow things.
I’ve frolicked and danced through their lovely colors,
Singing about hope and my euphoric dreams.

I’ve walked through my garden.
My lively, rainbow garden.
Filled with pure innocent hope and courage,
I grew my flowers grew to enormous heights carrying me on high.

I was Queen of my World.
Here, all were welcome and all would thrive!

One day, I was sitting on a flower,
I was able to see the sky.
I saw consolations and colors!
I couldn’t believe my eyes!

I felt inspired! A euphoric rush!
My fingers began brimming with creativity!
With a new light in my eyes,
I instantly planted seeds mimicking their shape and size.

I let them grow! And grow they did!
My garden was at it’s highest peak!
No garden could ever compare!
My garden, I thought, could never be beat!

But then one day in my daily stroll I found a seed I’d never seen.
It was dark and black, glowing with mysterious things.
I eagerly planted this seed, waiting for the flowers birth!
I expected I’d see wonders beyond my wildest dreams.

Just as I had wished for these seeds had surly grew.
These flowers though were awfully strange in the way that they bloomed,
Their buds were black, soaked and dripping with with shades of red and blue,
Their leaves grew twisted and gave a darkened mood

A new feeling was planed, rooted in my mind.
Like a trance I became addicted
My mind, brainwashed, tricked!
I found my soul bindingly mesmerized.

Eager to experience more of this feeling,
I gathered seeds of all sorts,
planting them, waiting.
There was no hope or desire of my heart ever retreating.

I watched in awe and amazement as I watched my garden change
Now it was mixed with rainbows and dark enchanting things
I thought, no garden could ever be better than this!
Who else could enjoyed a blend of despair and euphoric bliss?

Could life get any better?!
I was Queen of the Universe!

I was at the top of my game!
All things were in my reach!
I knew all there was to know!
It was my own retreat!

Years went by
Things started to change...

My colorful flowers, my joyous flowers all began to fade.
Wrapped up I was, traced into my dark and sinful pleasure.
There was not one single flower I thought to try and save,
Nor did I find the need to take those pointless measures.

Before I knew it all my rainbow flowers had died,
Not a single color to be traced!
They were all replaced by black roses and bloody vines.
My garden had become and dark and solemn place.

My garden had changed so much
I couldn’t recognize it anymore.
Where did my giant flowers go?
My garden seemed to have change its internal core.

I dwelled and dwelled and,
I ran and I ran and,
I cried and cried.
Searching for them more.

In my garden, dreary garden,
I’ve planted seeds of despair and dreadful things.
They grew and grew, and surly they all blossomed,
Into what I thought were strange and lovely springs...

However I was wrong,
They weren’t lovely things

They were weeds.
They sucked my garden dry,
Of all it’s life,
And all it’s wondrous meanings

I currently have weeds,
they suffocate my garden.
I find that when I walk I find more and more!
They are everywhere, infesting my garden’s nutritional needs.

Something must be done,
Before all life is gone!
If that happens,
I’ll have no garden to stroll along.

To save my garden, my hopeless garden,
I start to pluck the weeds.
Bit by bit, day by day, I pull and chop away.
I wish to see that lovely garden again that I knew of one day.

I start my mission, my hopeful mission,
to pull away these weeds
I’m starting to see some life again.
Positivity is the key!

Once again I turn my focus,
on my garden’s own personal needs.

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