Writer’s Block

November 20, 2010
This blinking line,
It’s killing me!
It stares me in the face.
It’s ready to go,
It’s ready to write,
I’m gonna lose my mind!

I know what I want to say
But I don’t know how to I say it
It’s at the tips of my fingers
But then that line,
That stupid, blinking line
It stares me in the face.

If I were to choose,
Between a blank page
And this line,
I’d rather have a blank page
But no,
I’m stuck staring at you

I can’t take it!
It drives me crazy!
It pulses in my eyes!
It’s almost like a ticking clock!
Gah, I’m wasting time!

I do not have the patience for this
I’m going to blow this off
Congrats line, you win this round,
I’ll beat you next time…

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