Glued Up

November 19, 2010
bit by bit the window cracks
I can hear the breeze better every day
my sanity is coming home
but I'm not sure I want it anymore
things were much simpler
when I couldn't think about them
the silence stretching till it breaks
I rub the glue from my fingertips
as it dries
this glue
it won't hold me together for long
I did a patchy job
gluing my broken self back up
I try to avoid you for both our sakes
so I don't re-shatter
before it even dries
and you would be left to sweep up the mess
and I know you are avoiding me, too
but I always see you anyway
it would hurt more
to loose my sanity for you
a second time
then just to keep it lost
I don't need it anymore
you can keep it

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