For You.

November 19, 2010
By Birdie GOLD, Ivins, Utah
Birdie GOLD, Ivins, Utah
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Your caring heart beats constantly against the maze of walls stacked up in me.
Prodding loose bricks, there is room for me to see the sunlight on the other side.
But my fingers graze the empty openings still above my reach.
I can’t help but think that you’d like to trick me from thinking of you
Lost behind your own carefully crafted pillars.
My words, hope, love, smash silently into the walls and trickle down into stacks of disbelief.
But this is the end.
You stole my cement, you grasped my wrists and I cried out in opposition.
You tear apart this creature in me that wants only to destroy myself.
And it hurts me to my core to know that you possibly see less than I ever have.
I don’t expect to make you consider yourself beautiful,
But you have to accept what you deserve.
And you have to believe that you deserve so much more.
Because it tears up my soul to have you believing you don’t
And I’m pretty sure it’s reducing yours to shreds.
I’m not strong enough to hold you back from mixing and pouring your cement, laying your bricks.
And my voice will never be loud enough to make your mind vibrate with this cry.
I can’t hold you back.
But I can hold you close.
Please let me, please let yourself see.
And treat your heart with the same love you have given me.
We aren’t so different.

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on Dec. 14 2010 at 7:44 pm
Danielle_Rodriguez SILVER, Carmichael, California
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Im conused as to the meaning of this poem. .could you enlighten me?

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