Forget me if you will

November 19, 2010
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Nobody sees my true talent
at least around me

Adults see me
Kids despise me

The air does not care of a small soul as mine around me
The air doesn't breath for me
The air doesn't care if a soul can't catch the air
The air is just a free spirit
Not even so, just something that blows

You will all see
A chance I will have
Soon to take

Someone will understand
Someone will care
Someone will not underestimate

Looks don't make a person
Their soul and their will create the being inside

The world will see who I am
one day
a frosted droopy day
a bright day filled with charisma
Whenever they know
I shall know too

But nonetheless...

Forget me if you will
Forsake me if you will
Faint me if you will
But my soul shall live on

Cry it will
Sigh it will
Die it may

but determined I will be
though no enthalpy

Forget me if you will
Remember me if you will
For it is your will

Will you care of it?

Will the height of your will
be so without
courage and determination within?

If you will Forget those who Forget you
beget those who deserve so

Go far, there is no road to follow
to light and not to darkness

Forget those who forget you.
Be deaf to those who don't listen to you
Only follow true leaders.

Forget me if you will
Tho' my will be followed.

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