The Smiles of Heartache

November 24, 2010
By TheUnknownMe SILVER, Hartford, Michigan
TheUnknownMe SILVER, Hartford, Michigan
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Eyes a dark chocolate, as sweet as can be.
With the glances of connection aimed right at me.
Skin of carmel cream, graced by the sun's warm kiss.
A smile that can melt a frozen heart into subtle bliss.
Curls the color of fresh coffee, fall around his face.
Hugs that surround the soul, His special embrace.
Lips as soft as silk, speak my lonely name.
Little did I know, I was a victim to his game.
As I notice his features a little more and more,
I find that I'm not the only one he sets his smile for.
The lips speak empty promises, I believed to be true.
Ignoring signs of his smiles towards someone new.
After all I've done, things he promised he would do.
I see his hugs embracing someone totally new.
Sweet glances her way, sweet nothings in her ear.
Mad me realize my new greatest fear.
The one I thought was perfect make my heartbreak.
The smiles I thought were for me,
The smiles of a heart ache.

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