Teen Hearts that Bleed

November 23, 2010
By TheUnknownMe SILVER, Hartford, Michigan
TheUnknownMe SILVER, Hartford, Michigan
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Work to make a living, but don't live to work.
A picture is worth a thousand words, but is a thousand words worth a picture.
A true artist looks into themselve and finds their inmost feelings, while a creative person sees color and form.

Hormones take over our perception of life,
We think “Love, love love” but we’re sliced with lust’s cold knife.
Chemical attractions cloud the Adolescent mind,
The perfect attitude, the most beautiful face, anyone of any kind.
Pulses of heat make you think of love, that need.
But yet let it go and follow the heart, not caring if soon it would bleed
Fixed by emotions, hating, hiding, crying in pain,
for a taste of the one that caused it, their love is better than the rain.
One huge lie, made by three words, vows of need.
Which will now and always be, the recipe of the teenage hearts that bleed.

The author's comments:
Well I know how when we're in High School we find that "First Love" that always goes away. I was sitting in class thinking about all my friends who cry to me over being dumped by whoever. And one of my friends, who was recently dumped and obsessing over a guy said, "It feels like my adolescent heart is bleeding." After she said that these lines just started flooding threw my head. That is how this poem was created.

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