November 23, 2010
By Anonymous

No tears, for they show weakness
No happiness, for it show lies
No dreams, for they get ripped apart
You tell me what to feel, what to say and how to look
But get mad when I refuse
You build me up, just to push me down
You show me a path, just to get me lost
You lie, I cry
You smile, I laugh
I dream, you scream
An unknown road lies before me,
A bright one lies behind me,
A dark one lies beneath me.
I hide beneath my pretty face,
Hide from your lies,
Hide from my dreams
Hide from the world.
I put on a smile, though my cheeks are raw
I fake a laugh, though I’m dying inside
I pretend to listen, though my mind is full
I watch the sun fall behind the mountains,
I see the shining moon look down at me,
Dazzling stars surround me in a sea of hope.
But the hope cannot reach me, for I’m on an island
An island many has tried to free me from, but can not
The world knows nothing besides a pretty face and a smile
I’m grateful for that
Because if they knew my world, they would leave
I can handle the leaving,
But the Anger before the leaving
I cannot
For the fear will be visible in their eyes,
If I ever put down my mask.

Pit of darkness
An endless black pit swallows all happiness
The light is gone, was it ever there?
Words tell me who to be,
Making me believe that being Me is wrong.
I refuse to cry,
For it shows weakness
I refuse to moan,
For it asks for pity
I want no more pity,
Just understanding
I want no more weakness,
Just strength
Someday they’re all going to regret the words
The words they said to pull me down,
Someday I’ll go up,
Further up than the black pit can reach
It’ll be light, no dark
And everything will be fine.
But now I sink further and further
As I try to climb up
My grip slips and I fall
Fall into an endless pit of death.

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