A daughter's cry

November 23, 2010
By KayleeHope GOLD, Jasper, Georgia
KayleeHope GOLD, Jasper, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
Love is like a stray dog. Everywhere you go there are people wanting it, looking for it, or wishing they had it back.

You taught me how to fix my hair
You taught me how to hold the tears in
You taught me never to lose
But you never let me win
I've lost myself
I've lost sleep
Its time to pick up what's left of me
And I don't think its you I need
Why did you have to do this?
You could've left at any other time
I don't know what I miss
I guess LOVE is just a lie
Or maybe its convienent
I don't really know
I don't want to either
Do you know what this did to me?
Do you even care to ask?
Didn't you ever wonder why I fell asleep in class?
I still have bad dreams
But the worst one is when I'm awake
Everyday my heart's ripped out at the seams.
But the good news is it can't break.
Its already broken enough.
Do you know how hard it is to act tough?
I can only be strong so long.
Before enough becomes enough.
Do you know what it feels like to fake a smile?
'Cause I do it every day
It'll take a while for you to figure out the hurt.
And I don't know what you're gonna say
But you guys made me this way
Love is a four letter lie to me
Sometimes I wish you had to see what I've had to see
And say what I've had to say
But its hard to wish that on you
Because you taught me how to keep everything inside.
But when I said I was fine
You should've known it was a lie

The author's comments:
This sums up my feelings toward my parents after their divorce almost a year ago.

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