Suddenly Awakened

November 23, 2010
By CourtneyJ GOLD, Columbia, South Carolina
CourtneyJ GOLD, Columbia, South Carolina
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We’re just having fun
Swaying our hands
As we skip down the hall towards to class
Like we had done many times before
But something has changed
Mesmerized by your intense stare
I continue to caress your hand
But differently
For I sense something new
Finding pleasure in its suppleness
I enfold myself within its warmth
Mesmerized by this unfamiliar presence
But welcome it
Your radiant smile weakens my knees suddenly
But you continue to hold onto our connection
Elevating me off the floor towards the heavens
We both look into each other’s Hershey brown eyes
And there I see a twinkle
A Spark
This spark goes unnoticed by others
But recognized by you and me alone
For suddenly we become aware of this newfound attraction
Unexpectedly you draw the shutters
Leaving me confused
For I remember you have eyes for only one individual
That individual not being me
You are my buddy
Not my prince charming
Who will one day whisk me off to your faraway land
After you seperate our vital connection
I feel alone
For you have someone else to warm you again
All alone
I stand in the middle of a crowded room
I share this deep chilling ache within my chest
By myself
That vibrates throughout my being
Crippling me for a just a few seconds
For him
Not me
For some day I wish we will both be
To our true feelings

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