What if Time Was Fast

November 23, 2010
By Jasmin Harvey BRONZE, Pleasantville, New Jersey
Jasmin Harvey BRONZE, Pleasantville, New Jersey
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What if time was fast
All you see is grass
As time goes past
One day your living
One day your dying
One day your heart gets broken and suddenly your crying

As the tears rush down your face
You start to feel his warm embrace
Like you have to be with him no matter time or place

What if time was fast
This time you didn’t see grass
You saw people
Some kind and some not so kind
Your thinking of love and love is blind
It’s a figure in the mind

After two months you think you met the one
You give it up and now he’s done
No more calls
No more hanging out
You sit there, get angry, huff and pout

What if time was fast
Your still young and thinking things will last
What you need is a blast from the past
Think things through
Don’t go “oh he called me boo”
Think them through
Instead of time going fast
Make it go slow
Just hold on
Give yourself time to grow
What if time was fast

The author's comments:
This is a intresting poem i made up in my free time. It reminded me about how naive teens can be. Adults say you'll find out once you reach their age but i have already found out.

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