The Art of Living

November 23, 2010
By poppy_lin GOLD, Latrobe, Pennsylvania
poppy_lin GOLD, Latrobe, Pennsylvania
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Life is but an unfulfilled mediocrity,
Shadowing our hypocritical minds.
Our superficial persona drowns inside,
Yet our sins are washed back up.
We as humans, prefer to live.
We fear the very notion of death.
And yet, we waste our time,
Generalizing each other,
When equality should rule.
But we are built to be plagued,
With hearty imperfections
So when Death swoops by,
We cling to life,
And grasp the regrets we leave behind.

The author's comments:
comment, rate and be honest. enjoy my woe-filled poem of life and death! (i'm not emo, nor Goth, I'm just weird.)


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