Me, Myself, and I

November 23, 2010
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We buried her under Neptune’s moon
While Me and I burned the shovels
We watched the moon steal away our dead sister’s body
As the moon gradually bowed to the ever lasting day

It wasn’t a mutiny
It had to be done
Myself was an exception
Not a reason to allocate our emotions

Her regardless style of pushing the facts aside
Blew our minds
Everything needs a reason we’d echo
But no she’d have none of it

One night we stole from our beds
With the chimneys all dead
The deed was done quick and simple
I can’t say the same thing for the rest

Her hair spilled like a glass of milk across the table
A glass of pure gold
Her eyes turned to me and they pierced me to the core
An abyss of blue ice

Nothing will reap that image from my head
And as remorseful a thing it was
It had to be done
She could not be dealt with

Her love for all things free
Her philosophies
Her style of simply not caring
Alas the system could not handle such a thing

Crunch went the gravel
Bang went the shovels
Swish said the plants
All sharing the same secret we’d soon burden

In the lake
The moon will take her away bury her in the part only the moon has say over

We did it was quite
Never simple
But it had to be done
Now all that remains is Me and I

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