A Thousand Tears, A Thousand Songs

November 23, 2010
Loneliness is a terrible vice,
It grips the heart with a fist of ice.
A thousand tears never wept.
A thousand songs never sung.
Memories, sweet memories, swept away by relentless time
We are but people with mortal souls and mortal minds
A thousand tears we'll never weep.
A thousand songs are left unsung.
Years are passing,
Always passing
Our hair grows thin and grey
Memory, once so clear, begins to drift away
A thousand tears never to fall.
A thousand songs with no voices.
Silence fills an empty hole where memory used to rest
Words that meant so much fall upon ears where forgetfulness has made its nest
A thousand tears are left unshed.
A thousand songs are silent.
Where sweet memory once bloomed is only dark decay
Years and years of happiness but now it's time to pay
Forgetfulness is creeping, creeping, creeping in
You may not notice it at first but in the end it'll always win
A thousand tears lay in eyes, once clear, now dark and clouded.
A thousand songs with no one to sing them, voices are now shrouded.
Cherish what you have of memory before it slips away
Like grains of sand through an hour glass
Night by night, day by day.

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