When We Were Young

November 23, 2010
By Josh O&#39Donnell SILVER, North Attleboro, Massachusetts
Josh O&#39Donnell SILVER, North Attleboro, Massachusetts
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Remember the days
When we were young
When we didn’t know who our parents were
Who our angels were
We didn’t even know who we were

You would say to me,
“Let’s get out of this place
Let’s leave it all behind”
But you were so blind

Blind to the fate that hangs over you
Blind to the structure of our lives
You were so blind

And still you deny your differences
Still you believe that
You are invincible
I know someone has to break it to you
But I don’t want to be the one
I want to hide under this blanket
This mask
Because it keeps the truth out of my lungs
I have to,
But I don’t want to.

It’s a good thing you are leaving soon
And never coming back
Because you never had anything here
Except a negative influence

And I have to keep reminding myself
You are so blind

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