We Lose it All

November 23, 2010
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There's nothing that can be done, there's nothing to say.
What's the use of trying when you fail every day?
This thing that we once called love is fading away.
It's flying away, higher and higher, it cannot stay.

I'm so sick of us arguing every night.
What happened to that feeling that felt so right?
I always pretend that everything is all right.
But nothing is ever okay after we fight.

I cry all these tears, have you changed your mind?
Were you faking your love for me this whole time?
How many "I love you"'s have you lied?
What is behind all those expressions you give to me that you leave undefined?

Why can't you atleast show me that you care?
I nolonger feel the happiness, pain lingers in the air.
These broken hearts are never easy to repair.
I give up, I'm leaving this shattered heart right here.

I won't take my heart with me, I'm traveling alone.
I don't need stress to burden me, I'm better on my own.
It is true that I need you, but I'll let that remain unknown.
I'll let you have it your way, I'll forget this and go.

Like I always do, I'll pretend that I'm okay.
I guess the past can have the memories that you and I both threw away.

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