November 27, 2010
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They say the mirror is a gateway to a person`s true self;
When you see your clear, melancholy reflection
What do you really see?
No matter how strong you are,
No matter how invisible your façade`s cracks are,
You can`t change the world.
Society is harsh;
Getting along in the rush of day to day activity is a hard task.
We all seem to be judged by our personalities, dreams, and other facts,
All the dark eyes staring at you.
Turning around and around,
The rain chasing behind you,
The wind whispering to you,
And you slowly break down on the inside.
‘Who am I?’ is that vital question.
You friend`s unwavering bond, their trust in you,
Is something that can never be broken.
Acceptance is a rare gift;
That only your friends can give you.
When they are not with you,
Can you save yourself
From the roar of the crowd?
Many try, but nearly no one trusts themselves.
How can we really live every day afraid?
Here we are again,
Seeing your blunt reflection.
Now, I want you to tell me:
Do you really know who you are?

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