if the world were to fall

November 27, 2010
By therainbowbarbie BRONZE, Jackson, Tennessee
therainbowbarbie BRONZE, Jackson, Tennessee
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if the world were to fall as it so slowly is doing if the world were to break for our own speicies cant help but screwing
we show no signs of care for no one never has i mean we share everything as we break anything
kill anyone who may stand in our way but for the time it took to build this nation
we show no knowledge of the administration for we no longer care
as we advance further into the technology we use
we push further away from the earth and refuse to conclude the things we give life to
it only shows that the world falls so easily
make and take is an American culture and as many of are people judge it proves we are more like voltures we pay no mind and in the time it takes to show concern we over look cuz its to late
a lie to us is only a bad dream and we as selfish people believe it won't mark our fate
im not blaming just you but you are still to blame cuz you cant say that you have no part there is no i didnt do it or yes i did try cuz that all falls under the catogory of lie
for we take no action
we talk bad about anyone who stands to be different
we kill any person that has a vision
look at us america open your ears and listen to the truth
you cant say you wanna end violence yet own a gun and shoot
you cant say you wanna make a change and do nothing because you believe its out of range
putting your name on a sheet dont make you a hero
for our confidence level is still marked at zero
cuz we choose to die for nothing instead of living for something it makes no sense to give and take
as we choose to let loose and shake i give no mind to those who werent there so its counted as absent in the time i will never say i had no part for when i look around im not the only one who still has a heart
heartless may stand the earth today
but the truth is we always could stand to make a change
look at you, think about it
when you leave did you pay attention i doubt it
look at me im 14 years old and the world i grow in is full of violence and hate
and by the time you do something it will be to late
whats the point of living right if its always gonna be marked as wrong
and whats the point of standing if the world is gonna fall

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our world

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